Accounts Receivable Jobs Near Me

Accounts Receivable Jobs Near Me

Getting an Accounts Receivable job comes with a lot of perks so often many people would look on the internet and type Accounts Receivable near me hoping to get some of these jobs near them.

In this article, I will provide you with all the latest Accounts Receivable jobs you need and also tell you some of the things you must know.

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So without wasting much time let’s start with the:

Basic duties of an Accounts Receivable job

Here’s a detailed look at what’s involved in an Accounts Receivable career:

  • Carrying out routine financial operations, such as confirming, categorizing, calculating, publishing, and documenting data related to accounts receivable
  • Getting bank deposits, invoices, and accounts receivable ready
  • Making ensuring that all payments are recorded accurately and accounted for by reconciling the accounts receivable ledger
  • Checking for inconsistencies and addressing invoicing concerns for clients
  • Assisting consumers in paying their bills on time by calling them and providing bill reminders
  • Creating reports and financial statements that show the position of the accounts receivable

Required Skills and Qualifications for Accounts Receivable Jobs

To qualify to be an Accounts Receivable you must possess most of these skills and qualifications.

  • Learn the basics of accounts receivable procedures, such as cash application, invoicing, and collections.
  • It is helpful to understand fundamental accounting concepts like debits and credits and how they affect financial accounts.
  • It’s crucial to be familiar with accounting programs like Sage Receivables or QuickBooks that are utilized for accounts receivable duties.
  • You’ll be interacting with clients on a frequent basis, therefore professional and lucid communication is crucial.
  • Having experience with top-notch customer service will enable you to establish relationships with customers and handle potentially challenging discussions regarding past-due payments.

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Factors Influencing Your Salary as an Accounts Receivable


Experience often translates into higher pay up to a certain point. Similarly, if the position demands ten years of experience in a certain sector and you don’t meet those qualifications, you can find yourself at the lower end of the pay range.


Businesses in major cities or metropolitan regions with high costs of living typically need to pay greater wages than those in locations where prices are lower.


Pay for senior or specialized positions may likely vary depending on the industrial sector in which the company operates. Certain industry sectors are known for paying lower wages than others, while others tend to pay more.

High-paying Companies Hiring Accounts Receivable and where to apply

  1. Genpact –
  2. Bloomberg L.P. –
  3. Leonardo –
  4. SC Johnson –
  5. GE –
  6. Jones Lang LaSalle –
  7. Uline –
  8. CDW –
  9. C.H. Robinson –
  10. Charge Master Analyst –
  11. Legal Billing Coordinator –
  12. Robert Half –
  13. The TJX Companies, Inc. –
  14. Thermo Fisher Scientific –
  15. American Express –
  16. EY –
  17. Deloitte –
  18. KPMG –
  19. PwC –
  20. Accenture –

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Some Interview Tips for Accounts Receivable Positions

  • Make sure you are familiar with the accounts receivable procedure—which includes creating invoices, monitoring payments, and guaranteeing prompt collection—before the interview.
  • Stress your technical understanding of AR procedures, such as cash application and aging reports, throughout the interview.
  • As an expert in accounts receivable, you will have to settle conflicts and interact with clients in an efficient manner. Make sure to emphasize how well you can communicate and how you put customer service first.
  • Do some research on the business and its AR procedure before the interview. This will enable you to better adapt your replies to the particular requirements of the company.
  • Prepare well-thought-out interview questions, such as those about the team you will be working with, the company’s AR process, and any obstacles in the position.

Where to Find Accounts Receivable Jobs Near You


  1. Check out the careers offered by a certain firm on their website if you’re interested in working there.
  2. You can also find Accounts Receivable jobs near you online through various job search platforms like:, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, FlexJobs, and Glassdoor.

You can also upload your resume and create a profile to apply for jobs directly through the website. Additionally, these websites offer career resources, personalized salary tools, and job search tips to help you find the right job for you.

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With these kinds of jobs, they are limited to the location in which you find yourself so applying and getting selected for these kinds of jobs is very easy.

Your search for Accounts Receivable jobs should not be limited to only these places, you can look at other ways that may not be mentioned here because sometimes you need a referral or you may need to visit the job places in person.

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